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What are our Daily Routine?

I want to know that what is the daily routine of ours including the weekend.
I want to share also of mine here
I normally wake up on 6 am, do my stuff and ready for work.
I work from 8 am to 1 pm (hard project and mainly revisions), then take a gap of 2 hours (watching some stuff with lunch)
then start again from 3 pm to 8 pm, that’s it.

Actually, sometimes it takes 11 pm due to more revisions or chats with the client.

I have not sure of a holiday in a week, it is either Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

I am not good in English, sorry for that.
Please share your daily routine.

Thank you.


I try to have a routine, but it’s hard since I’m living with five other adults who are always in and out! This is what I generally do on work days. Usually this is a weekday, but my Saturdays and Sundays often look like this. I usually take a day off on Tuesday!

Wake up around 7:00 and put on my work uniform (yoga pants and a t-shirt for the win)
Eat breakfast and make a cup of tea
Open up Fiverr and check messages
Work on things until lunchtime or until I get distracted, whichever comes first (just being real!)
Eat lunch
Get some sparkling water or tea, depending on the season, and work for most of the afternoon.
Get chores or errands done
Make dinner, if it’s my job, or help whoever is making it
Eat dinner
Play with the dog
Pretend like I’m working
Realize it’s almost 7 pm and start actually working
Ignore the news while people watch it in the other room while working
Do a workout while watching TV
Finish any work projects, blog, or read until about 10 pm
Go to bed

My work day lasts for about 13 hours and I get about 7 hours of work done in that time. I’m still trying to decide if that’s one of the pros or one of the cons of working at home. I think it’s a pro, because I’m getting other stuff done in that extra six hours instead of commuting and doing other stuff like that.


6:30 - alarm goes off

7:00-7:30 - I get up, have a coffee, prepare lunchbox for my daughter, make sure she’s wearing clean enough clothes

7:30-7:45 - off to school we go

8:00 - 2nd coffee, computer on, ease into the workday

8:30-15:30 - time in which clients can have my full attention

15:30-16:00 - pick up my kid again

16:00-21:00 - this and that, maybe work, maybe not. Roughly every 2nd day, making dinner

21:00-bedtime - unless there’s a deadline, I’m either working on personal stuff or something like this

For weekends or holidays, see weekdays 16-21


I live in the countryside, so not much going on. I think my daily routine is pretty random. I wake up at 5 am, 6 am, or 7 am without alarm. Especially when I´m having a puppy to baby sit, the puppy usually starts to cry early in the morning demanding attention. It is A LOT easier to dog sit older dogs. That´s why when it comes to adopting a dog, I always choose older dogs. In fact, I would prioritize senior dogs.

After I wake up, I don´t have a fix routine activities. I can start with coffee first, I can start with checking out the mutts first, whatever. Play with them for a bit and then feed the mutts. I feed the dogs twice a day. In the morning it´s between 7 to 9 am, and for their dinner it´s between 5 to 7 pm. But that´s also not fix.

I make lunch and dinner (for me and hubby), also not at a fix hour, and although I enjoy cooking, I don´t cook everyday.

I make videos for my Youtube channel (featuring my dogs) twice a week at random time.

In the cold weather I have a shower once a day, in the hot weather I have a shower twice a day.

We don´t clean the house regularly. We don´t mind the dog fur on the floor. If you hate dog fur, you would hate to be a guest in my house, LOL.

Since my husband works during the day (he works from home), during the day I often spend time hanging out in a few online forums, Youtube, and FB dog people groups, and in between that I play/hang out with my dogs.

Once my husband finish with working, sometimes I watch movies/videos on Youtube with him or just have a chit-chat. I sometimes tell my husband what has happened in the forums/groups on that day, especially when I find interesting stuff (@velocigraphtor I showed the snake photos to my husband just for fun :slight_smile: ). Sometimes I just leave him alone watching his favorite shows on Youtube. I go to sleep whenever I want. I don´t have fix schedule. Sometimes I go to sleep early, sometimes I go to sleep late.

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I try to start my days at 5am…depending on when I go to bed the night before.
5 - 5:30 am - I do a little devotion/read my affirmation(I’m rich etc :slight_smile: ) and get ready for the gym
5:30 - 6:00 am - I cycle to the gym
6:00 - 7:00 am - Workout at the gym
7:00 - 7:30 am - Cycle home
7:30 - 8:00 am - Take a Shower, Eat breakfast
8:00 - 1pm - Work , occasionally get distracted
1pm -2 pm - Break, Lunch, Watch Travel YouTube Videos
2 pm - 5pm - Work
5 pm - 7:30 pm - Toastmasters meeting, Swimming, Gym, Church Choir Practice or Spanish Club meeting depending on the day
8 pm - 8:30 pm - Take a Shower
8:30 - 12 pm - Work, watch a TV series, Dinner, Distracted (Pretty much everything happens here)
12pm - Go to Bed

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Really nice topic. Thanks @art4kala ,
I am working from home. So, most of time I am in front of the computer. (with Fiverr)
I normally wake up at 7.00 am.
As soon as I wake up, I check fiverr messages.
I work until midnight (12.00 am or 1.00 am)
Sunday is my free-day. But sometimes I have to work Sunday also.
I manage my time to go out,read books ( I love reading) .
This is my routine. My Passion. :slight_smile:


@fitrigwrites4u I’m glad you liked them :smiley:

As for me, I have to juggle between quite a few tasks right now. After the series of incidents I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m a little bit down on luck as for now, so I’ve doubled my worktime.

I study and read and read and study a lot, to gain knowledge, to improve myself more than the day before. I sleep only four hours a day now, and I eat twice. I workout every early morning, and I mostly stay back at home nowadays.

I hone my skills throughout the day in various fields, be it my favorite areas of creativity, be it music, be it programming stuff. I do not like watching the television at all. Infact, I hate it. Though I’m a BIG fan of the movies! I’m a geek, and an introvert as well. And I love the way I am. :slight_smile:

Throughout the day, I absolutely love two things. One is showering, where I get to reflect upon my thoughts, and relax. The other one, which is a recent addition, is navigating through this Fiverr forum. It makes my day :slight_smile:

So that’s about it. I know it’s kinda boring, but that’s what I do :slight_smile:

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10 am (actually 11 am, but I pretend it’s 10 am): Get out of bed and have a shower.
11:15: First cup of really strong espresso.
11: 16: second cup of really strong espresso.
11:20: at my computer, with my 3rd cup of really strong espresso. I check Fiverr messages, email, facebook, and read some online news. Maybe some youtube.
13:00 I try to eat some breakfast, but normally I just skip it and go straight to lunch. That way I don’t have to eat healthy. Or so I tell myself.
14: I go to work (dayjob) until 22:00
I hurry home to eat another unhealthy meal, watch some TV with the wife, and then move down to my basement for voiceover recordings. I normally stay there until 2am before I crash and go to bed, watching Netflix until 3 or 4 am before I enter a deep coma.



Daily Rounting
8:30am_get up.
9:00-take a breakfast.
9:30-Go to office
10:00-Tack a snack
10:00-1:00-Workout at the office.
1:00-1:30- Break, Prayer, Lunch, coffee.
2 pm-6pm-Work.
6-30-take rest.
7:30-Gym, Tutor
9pm-fresh myself.
9:30-waching tv,work,dinner.
12:30-go to bed.
So that is about my day.
For weekends or holiday, all day pass work.
Sometimes holiday goes to visit.: smiley:

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