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What are paid marketing options available to rank gigs?

I just want to know what are legal and paid marketing options available to promote fiverr gigs?



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you can use facebook,twitter etc for promote your gig.


Hi, You can follow this topic , I reply on this

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Actually, I know these options, but they are working, I want to know if I can run youtube campaign or any ad inside fiverr like other market place offer such options.

we can not advertise on fiverr because fiverr not have any boost gig option like other markets have and about youtube yes you can run campaign on youtube.

Thanks for confirmation.

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I’m very much thinking to adapt content marketing. I’m planning to figure out informational keywords potential buyers would be searching for and write a highly valuable blog posts around it. My course of action would be providing value and not hard selling my GIGs.

Maybe also a YouTube Channel. That would be helpful as well.

You can also try out outbound marketing tactics like running Facebook Ads for your GIGs. I think it is against Fiverr TOS to do Adword campaigns for your GIGs - so definitely do not do that.

At the same time, be active on Fiverr, create stunning GIGs, do honest and fulfilling work and be patient. Fiverr is a great platform, with great patient you would be able to achieve success on it :slight_smile:

Best of luck.

This is actually not true. He can choose for promoted gigs.


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can you explain more about how we can boost gig on fiverr?

Twitter advertising is the best for gig promotion

thank for your opinion yes this is we already discussed here about facebook, twitter etc best for gig promotion. but i have try to check on fiverr there is no any option about paid Boost gig option.

Again, this is BS. There is a option for ‘promoted gigs’. It was introduced a couple of month ago.
Just search on the forum, there were enough discussions about it when it was introduced.
Doing some research is better anyway than spreading falls information.

I try to search few month ago but i not get any info about that can you send me link here about full info?

Boost gig option was available to limited sellers, I guess.

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