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What are people looking for these days?

It’s been a awhile ever since joining Fiverr and so many things have changes. In my case i was luckily able to squeeze myself through the ranks of wallpaper design gigs and now appears on the top searches for that niche, but in the same time i’ve failed 4 other gigs which stopped bringing me income. Got me wondering what people are really looking to buy these days in terms of business service and personal enjoyments.

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I think social media stuff like banners or similar things for PR or promotion

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Your target customers are looking to hire you for the services that you can do well. What services are you skilled in, that you can deliver at a high level of quality and professionalism?


Personally, I believe offer whatever is in your area of expertise. Video overall in increasing in popularity. Have I received video orders? Yes and no. I actually created a video for the title of an eLearning course for a client and they did not ask for it. My point, gain new skills that speak to your target market. Test your offerings. Give time for each to pick up traction. If you do not get an order for something, is there a way you can provide something more to your clients and show them how you can help them by adding in a little extra at no cost to them (initially). I am no level but I’ve hit the dollar amount for L2 and working on getting the orders. Should be L1 next month. Just my 2 cents.

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I think jonbass & apettit19 is Right. There is always enough buyer for your skill. Focus on them.

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Thanks, i appreciate the feedbacks.