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What are people looking for?


I’m new to Fiverr. I browsed around the website and I’ve gotten a clear view on some of the things people have to offer on here. But what else? What do people look for?

Most common things are: Voice Intros, Video Editing, Infographic, Data Entry, Logos and WordPress. These are gig types that I have looked around. You can search others. Hope this helps.

People come here looking for experts/professionals in their field. Not people shopping around for a popular gig category to mek sells.

In so many words, they are looking for good work at reasonable (sometimes too reasonable) prices. You, my dear, have failed the first test. What can you do well? Do that. If you can’t do anything well, there is always teaching.

One sure way to not get sales is to try to do something you have no idea how to do simply because you think it’s easy and see others doing well at it.

A glaring example is all the writing gigs by people who barely can put together a sentence. They are here every day asking why no one buys their gigs.

“If you can’t do anything well, there is always teaching.”

No wonder I’m so confused. :slight_smile: