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What are reasons for Gigs to fall down on 2020?

Hey Hello everyone! Hope you are all safe and sound! I have been working in Fiverr since Feb,2019! One of my gigs was performing pretty well! Got regular orders, completed 17 orders with full client satisfaction! But I don’t know what happened then it suddenly fell down! Till then no order and impression are getting lower day by day! How much it is necessary to promote my gigs on social platforms? I saw some sellers out there are doing spamming to get clicks in their gig! Does it work?
Thanks in advance!
Stay home and safe!

Hello, welcome to the forum.
Have you done any changes in your gig? if so then your gig will comeback in a few days or week. I think social click do not play any roll in getting orders, I personally didn’t share my gigs on social network.
Your last delivery is 4 month older, you should change your gig tags.

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I changed the price and added media and some other changes! I did that! I changed tags also! didn’t worked for me :frowning: Bdw Thanks for taking your time to check my profile! I really appreciate that!

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