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What are revisions? how to do it?

What are revisions and how to do revisions after getting an order.
Need mentoring from experienced members


Its simple. After you deliver your gig’s order the buyer can ask for a revision if they aren’t happy with the delivery. Then all this means is you will change the order to meet what changes they are looking for.

For example, a logo design could be delivered. Then the buyer might ask for a revision as they aren’t happy with the colour. So I would provide a revision correcting the colour and deliver that.

It is normal to offer a few revisions on your gig. But I recommend staying away from unlimited revisions as it could cause you to end up working hours and hours longer than you planned to.


A revision is how you define it within the gig. Every category is different enough that you should define what a revision is for your gigs (if you’re a seller), and ask the seller if you’re a buyer and the seller hasn’t already defined it.
Voice over revisions will differ from writing revisions, will differ from accounting, will differ from tutor, will differ from paper crafts.


Thanks now I get it in my head