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What are some clauses every freelancer should include in their contracts?


Contracts are a tricky topic for many freelancers. What are your go-to clauses?


Every contract should say exactly what the service is that will be done in clear language, and what the payment will be, and when it will be made.

Each party needs to sign and date the contract. A simple contract can be one or two sentences.

There should be a penalty mentioned for lack of performance for either party also.


I would be interested more if you could show an example because a contract I think should have, “offer, acceptance and consideration” as you clearly stated


On April 12 2018, I ________________________(name) agree to draw two original designs for a logo with the name Ajax Plumbing, in red and white.

I will provide these drawings to my client ___________________(name) no later than April 18 2018.

On or before April 20 2018 I will be paid $350 in cash or by Paypal by my client

If I fail to provide these drawings on said date, this agreement will be null and void and no further action about it will be taken by me or my client.

If my client ___________________________(name) fails to pay me $350 by said date, they agree to pay me $450 no later than April 28 2018.

This is the full complete agreement between the two above named parties.

Signed _____________________________ seller/artist date_____________

Signed______________________________ buyer date________________


More grease to your elbow, I think this will go a long way to build trust between buyers and sellers. This I think should be enabled on fiverr.


We cannot give our real names in general nor is any contract enforcable in a practical way on fiverr. It is not possible here.


Yeah, I think you are right


Contracts work best when the two parties are both near each other so if needed they can bring a lawsuit in a nearby court.


I think it could also work on a very far away distance. The punishment of such breached agreement, I think could be forfeiture of payment. Provided that the middle-man is aware


I want to point out that AND CO is not for fiverr sellers.

It is for independent self employed freelancers.


Seconded, because fiverr herself is very vast and it could also require a great deal of energy to integrate this feature.