What are some of the most popular Gigs?


I’m thinking about creating more Gigs targeted to specific people needs. What do you look up the most, and what are some of the most popular Gigs?



Graphics , SEO


You also have to be good at something as well. What other skills do you have that you can use?


Reply to @lacidamarketing: The reason you see cheap backlinks is because they are mostly useless or downright harmful backlinks. Also, your own post here is against forum rules and is spam, so I wouldn’t recommend that other sellers (or buyers) invest in advice or anything else you offer.


Graphics, SEO, Writing Articles, etc.

I heard backlinks are pretty on-demand but they’re usually cheapy quality.


Backlinks are definitely something I’m going to look into in the following months. I’m expecting to be able to give more than one million quality backlinks for just $1.


Reply to @sincere18: Let’s see. I’m good at the following things:

  • Explain programming in a simple way.
  • Come up with ideas, evaluate and develop them.
  • Replicate ideas with a different twist, so that they’re successful again. I don’t like just replicating an idea without adding a personal touch, it’s useless. In fact I turned down such requests.
  • Mimic voices, different accents and personalities, but I never did it for someone because I think it makes me look stupid.
  • I’m new to Forex, but I learned all the tricks to earn big money.
  • Find out who someone is, or if many people are the same writing from different accounts, only based on a few info such as the username, profile picture or writing style.
  • Related to the above. I’m able to look like someone else, both by voice as well as writing style and behaviour. No idea how I could put this to use other than fake reviews and forum posts. I don’t think I’m going to do such immoral things.

    I could be good at something else, but nothing comes to mind right now.

    There are also pretty dark things I can do, such as psychological manipulation, social engineering, DDoS’ing a website, finding software vulnerabilities etc… but that’s something I’m not even thinking about putting to use, neither to teach. It’s just something I like to know for when it happens to me.


Reply to @lacidamarketing: Cheap shouldn’t equal cheap quality though :slight_smile:








Empty words? :slight_smile:


Reply to @ricksper: Had a script running to bump a friend’s post on another site and erroneously put Fiverr as the domain before I had the chance to stop it. This is the result. Since the comments cannot be deleted they’re still there :slight_smile:


Reply to @tkeen9: Sure. I believe you with all my heart. I also believe you can provide

tkeen9 said: one million quality backlinks for just $1.



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I still believe in audio and everything arround it.

Like custom voices and so on. We even offer the voice of the Queen of england. How funny is that!.


Graphics is KING!


Reply to @fonthaunt: I don’t think I asked someone to believe my claims :slight_smile: The number of comments in this thread should tell you I’d have no reason to bump it on purpose.

In fact I said I’m going to look into it in the following months. It could even take a year or so. If you’ve heard about the Million Dollar Homepage you’ll understand what I’m up to.

The problem with it was that it gave an impressive number of low quality visits/clicks/impressions (and it still does), but what I’m building just takes its basic concept and re-purposes it to have a continuous stream of quality backlinks which will theoretically range from a million to a few hundred million.

tkeen9 said: Had a script running to bump a friend's post...
Be forewarned that spamming is not looked upon lightly here.


Photographs are also popular in Fiverr! Be in profile picture for Facebook, Linkedin and even for your dating site!