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What are symbols of good luck in your culture?

All I can think of is a four-leaf clover, a rabbit’s foot and a hamsa.

I’m not superstitious, but why not try it out for a day.

Been having a lot of bad luck for a while, so here’s what I’m going to do with all the comments: paint all the symbols on one canvas.

I think that simply the act of focusing on good luck for the hour I spend painting will change my mood, and affect the law of attraction.

Or, at least I’ll have fun painting.

Plus whenever I paint, my cat demands to get involved and it’s funny to see what new color she is.


Ladybug, horseshoe…and the super-regional cornicello (little horn) painted in vibrant red :slight_smile:


Yup. The ladybug is the supreme generic lucky charm in Italy. Horseshoes and hornlets are very regional, though.


White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits.*

Aside from the fairly universal symbols you mentioned, acorns and white heather are considered good luck in the UK. So are horseshoes.

*It’s also considered good luck for your first words of a new month to be “white rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits”.


Fascinating! Do you know the origin of this idea?
ps white rabbits white rabbits white rabbits.


Horseshoe, rainbow, calico cats (having them live in your house), burdock (makes luck stick to you). Burdock may be regional, my grandparents are from the Polesia region of Ukraine.


Nobody seems to know. :slight_smile: :rabbit:

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You just solved one of the greatest mysteries of my life. I’ve been to Napoli last year (my first time in Campania) and they were everywhere. Just everywhere. I decided they were peppers, mainly because I was eating the entire time I was there, and they were horns.

I miss traveling so much. :frowning:


So, you visited my hometown!
Yeah, Napoli and Campania are full of these lucky charms and they are designed to resemble chili peppers - so you were right to consider them peppers.

You know what? I miss traveling too. The world is full of marvelous curiosities, like the “white rabbits white rabbits white rabbits” above or your calico cats :slight_smile:


Hmm, I’m wondering which of the the horses I know would loan me one of his shoes. If it works, I’ll then have money to buy my own.
Also, to increase the luck, I’m gonna actually wear the shoe. If it works, I’ll then have money to buy a second horseshoe, then a pair of human shoes.


Swastika, it is a sign of prosperity, good health and good luck. The word originates from Sanskrit, “swasth” means health and “tika” meaning mark. It’s common to see it painted on temples or almost everywhere (new vehicles, weddings, homes etc) in India and as far as I know, many other SA countries.

PS: It doesn’t look same as one used by someone evil. Not posting it here as it might offend someone who doesn’t know the difference.


This is my cat Twinkles. Here she is when I went up to her to ask about adopting another cat . .

Here she is pretending to consider doing me the favor.

Here’s her reply . . .

. . . Which means '‘No way in hell, you human lunatic.’'

Here’s her reply after I dared to ask a second time . .

So I went back to studying, and here she is appearing out of nowhere in order to judge me . .

So I then went to work on my laptop on the desk near the window, and here she is making sure I’m actually working and not looking online for cats to adopt . .

So she went back to sleep . . .

. . . Or so I thought, cuz here she is again checking up on me.

This is the most she’ll tolerate . .

My Twinkles (full name: Twinkles Happy Sugar-Socks) is the best. I love her sooooooooooooooo much. We’ve both had a challenging year and a half when this period of strange kind of luck began.

While I was asleep, my bedroom caught on fire. I woke up in my bed, surrounded by fire. It was an inferno. I was in deep sleep and the only reason I opened my eyes was because the fire had been burning my thigh, and the pain caused my eyes to open. I was more asleep than awake. Staring at the fire, it took me a while to figure out whether I was dreaming (my nightmares have always been this scary + felt no less than reality). I did what I would have done both in a nightmare and reality: somehow got out of the room, spent the longest two minutes of my life trying to get my little brother out of the other room (he was staying with me at the time), got the neighbors out, etc. The fire was a blessing in disguise and I’m grateful for the fire because what it caused was my brain to rewire itself. The way my brain works began changing that day, and is still in the process. Huge things that needed to be changed in the way I think and act are changing.
Every single thing I ever had was in my room, and then . . . still in my room I guess, but in the form of ashes. I started from scratch with the underwear and tee shirt I had slept in. I have never been upset about losing objects. And even the irreplaceable ones. Actually. this just occurred to me the other day: There are two types of things: replaceable and irreplaceable. But actually, it’s turning out to be that ‘replaceable’ things are ‘irreplaceable’ cuz I’ll never have enough money to buy them again. I find this interesting.
Last thing I have to say about the stuff, is that I always worked freelance online from home. I had to delete a lot of gigs, because the equipment (cameras, mics, materials, etc.) burnt up and I definitely don’t have $20,000 to buy everything again (I would take a loan to do so, but I have never received a lot of orders, nor orders on a regular basis–so It might take 20 years to earn back the cost of the equipment).
Well, I’m not sure if anyone is still reading this . . . :rofl:
So I’ll bring this story to an end now (that was a nutshell–the story is much longer of course).
But, I will finally say my point: That me and Twinkles have been through a lot together. I was positive that she had died in the fire. After a week I had to go back to what was left of the apartment to check if anything was left. Outside, I called out her name just in case. And . . . her little face popped up from behind a bush. I could not believe it! She looked at me like ‘yo, wassup?’
Her forehead whiskers were burnt. But, otherwise she was perfect. She’s perfect.

Maytal (May) :sunflower:


So sad to hear this but glad that you and your lovely cat are well.

Thinking of you.


I just watched an episode of Chicago Fire and one of the firemen told an elderly man who’s house just burned down, “One thing we never find in a burned down house is a deceased cat, they always find a way out”.


We keep an elephant by our front door for luck, it’s a Feng shui practice that most Puerto Rican families believe in.

Screenshot 2020-09-01 at 5.18.13 PM


Hi :slight_smile:
Thank you for commenting!
But, I hope I made it clear—There’s nothing sad in this story (because thank goodness, I woke up literally one second before it was too late, therefore no one died). And the whole incident + everything caused by it, has made my life a million times better (what I wrote about how it rewired my brain).
Hugs, Maytal

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Cats are fascinating.
When I close the kitchen door and cook fish, she makes her lungs the size of a whale in order to meow like a tiger.
But, she couldn’t be bothered to notify me with a little squeak that I was about to die in the fire?

That’s a pity. I have 2 cats, they’re literal twins, though. So they enjoy each other’s company a lot. They entertain each other, wash each other, keep each other warm. Two cats is fun.

Your cat seems to be as lucky as they come, calico or not. :slight_smile: I’m glad both of you are okay after such an experience.

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Thank you :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts:
Oh, that’s so cute. :heart_eyes_cat:
Adult cats who didn’t grow up together are usually aggressive towards one another. But no worries–most of the things you wrote your twins do, me and Twinkles do as well. (I don’t wash her because she will have none of that. She licks my nose occasionally, but I wouldn’t say I’m much cleaner after the lick, than I was before.)

Can I see photos of your cats? And names please (so that me and them can make proper introductions).

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Absolutely. :slight_smile: Shiva is in the front, Voodoo is behind him. You couldn’t tell them apart until 6 months old, then one of them suddenly just grew out all this fluff.