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What are the 3 Things You're Grateful For?


I am grateful for 3 things…

1: My mom is in good health.
2: Modi is PM of India.
3: We should get a decent amount of rain this Monsoon season.


I’m grateful for:
1 Finding my calling in life at a young age
2 My family and ancestors
3 My location on this amazing planet

There is much more I could mention also, such as knowing I’m loved and protected, my education, and many other things.


I am grateful for the following:

1: My family & friends (their well being)
2: My career & people I’ve worked with/for/supervised
3: Being content, finally finding peace in my life

  • My family and pets.
  • Finding and honing my talents.
  • Internet.


I am grateful to be me and having a wonderful family,

  1. I’m always grateful for my two beautiful kids - they are amazing and I love them so much!
  2. I’m super grateful that my beautiful sisters are shouting us on our first family holiday(that isn’t a work trip where the kids get dragged along too) we are leaving in two weeks today and I can’t wait!
  3. I’m grateful to live in such an amazing part of the world and be able to go for a walk around a stunning harbour almost every day


Just three? I have hundreds but . . .
*My cat—the love of my life—Twinkles.
*Fruit and vegetables.
*My eyes, ears, arms and legs.
*Woody Allen.
*That the following have already been invented: the wheel, paper + pencils.

@writer99025 I love your topic and love love love your list. :slight_smile: Thanks



1). My health
2). The wonderful people in my life (my husband, a few good friends and family)
3). Our adopted dogs, we have 10 now :grin:
4). Time, which many people often take it for granted
5). Foods
6). My early retirement. I am not a billionaire whatsoever, but I am retired, so when I do something I do it for fun.

and many more.

Your threads are always interesting :slight_smile: