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What are the Acceptable Modes of Communicating with the Buyer once an Order is Already Made?

Hi, I am still waiting to set up my first gig, but before I do, I am trying to find information as to what different modes of communication with the buyer are acceptable within the Terms of Service (TOS).

I have searched through the webpages of the Help and Education center and have quoted below what I found is relevant. But my question is still whether as a ‘free user’ is it acceptable to talk with the client through phone, messaging apps, personal email, etc. to discuss what the client exactly requires. I quote the information from the Fiverr Help pages below:

The only way to communicate with a buyer is if an order is initiated, a “Conversation” thread is created and you will be able to communicate with the buyer.


Pro Sellers can call buyers to discuss order details (via, Hangouts, etc.). Just make sure to document your discussion within Fiverr.



If you want to know what TOS says, why don’t you read it?


Are the references I quoted above not from the TOS?

If there is a different TOS then can you kindly provide me its URL?

They are from the seller help articles. No the terms of service.

Really? This seems like an innocent enough question by OP. I’ve been selling on Fiverr over 3 years and have read the ToS countless times, and this is, honestly, sort of a gray area.

The ToS does say that communication must go through Fiverr, but it also says that personal information may be shared if it is necessary for delivery.

I also know that many top rated sellers offer a video chat consultation before starting on an order, it says so right on their gig page. It is not uncommon.

In my opinion OP, it’s not worth the risk. The ToS contradict themselves a couple times and there are some areas that I think could do with clarifying, but in my opinion this one is worth erring on the side of caution. Even putting “@” in your chat will flag it for review. I’ve had a couple messages stalled for review for saying things like “email” (because the word email was in the script i had to record).

There have also been a couple times where a file was too large to upload to the order page, and my buyer couldn’t figure out how to open a compressed folder, so I had to send them a google drive link. I think this is technically in the weird gray area with the ToS but a lot of people deliver their work via Google Drives or Dropbox, so again, it’s really not clear imo.

All right I hope this is the TOS you are referring to

And this is what I read:

Communication for handling Orders should be performed on Fiverr, through the Order Page. Users who engage and communicate off of Fiverr will not be protected by our Terms of Service.

But then what about this:

Pro Sellers can call buyers to discuss order details (via, Hangouts, etc.). Just make sure to document your discussion within Fiverr.


This applies only to Pro sellers, who offer an “elite” (and more expensive) service. You have to apply to be a Pro seller. If you are a New Seller, Level 1, Level 2, or Top Rated Seller this does not technically apply to you.

The bottom line is it’s safer to keep everything on the order page or in your inbox. Fiverr won’t offer you any protection off of the main site, so if a buyer breaks the ToS or tries to rip you off etc., you’ll be on your own. Depending on what service you offer it may not make much of a difference.


@ gwyneth_galvin
Thank you for showing patience with me and explaining things in detail. Indeed, I am new to this platform and to the freelancing concept in general.

As stated above I have not made my first gig yet but have been thinking about offering consultation services for my clients, so wanted to be clear about what are the different means I could communicate with my clients to provide highly customized service. I appreciated your responding to me kindly.

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For sure! It’s a weird little clause in the ToS and I do wonder if they would make an exception for certain services. Normally this is something I’d recommend getting in touch with CS about but the wait time is around 10 days at the moment so :woman_shrugging:

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