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What are the benefit of gigs exchange? [ARCHIVED]

Gigs exchange seem to be really popular here and I wonder why, does the buyer look at collect that seriously? I’m temping to exchage but I don’t see any reason why I should other than cosmetic reason.

Reply to @bachas85: Well,there must be a reason why people continue to do this then lol

People are under the impression it will increase their exposure and result in more sales.

It started out with just a few people doing it, and now everyone has jumped on the same train thinking it is leading to success.

It really does not have that much worth.

Reply to @rossonomous:

Hopefully some buyer will comment here and give us their opinions.

ya I think its useless to get collected by people who don’t want you’re service. I like the fact that my collections are real it gives me an idea of what my future sales mite be.

Reply to @matt_garry: I feel the same too,I got so excited when I got my first collect haha