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What are the Benefits of Fiverr Revenue Card?


I had entered in fiverr just a few months ago like 5 months ago. And by now I had completed 20 orders with 15 reviews.
All I want to know that, what are the benefits of issuing a fiverr revenue card? Is there any other charges except $30 for a year? Can we transfer our money from this card to our local card, If yes, is there any transactions charges for the process?



This is a great question so hopefully someone familiar with this will give some details.


Why do not use Bank Transfer. You just open a Payoneer account. Than add you bank details to your Payoneer account.

When you deposit from Fiverr with Bank Transfer, your money will directly goes got your bank account. It won’t wait at Payoneer. It takes around 10 - 15 minutes to have your money :slight_smile:

There are lots of commissions if you use revenue card.


You can use the card to withdraw money from the ATMs. It’s great in case of emergency.
The card can be used to purchase goods/services. I always use payoneer card to book plane tickets and hotel.

I’m not sure what you mean about transferring money card to card. If you mean transferring money from payoneer account to your local bank account then YES.
The fee is applied here (generally around 2%):