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What are the benefits of sharing gigs on social media?

My answer- only impressions or clicks will increase but it is very difficult to get customers.

I market myself in other ways by stopping gig social media sharing. My marketing system - I first find my service-related customers then find their website or their business on their website or any page they have. Do some research and find out the mistakes, if I find something wrong, I message him that there is a problem with your website or your page or if you improve this aspect, your page or website will become more attractive.
Then I tell him I will give you the lowest rate of this service or I can give you an 80% discount. Then I give him a link to my Fiverr’s gig.

That way my customer base will grow, I think.

However, you can give your valuable advice to new sellers.


If you can’t reach the target customers there is 0% benefits to share gigs on social media.


Yes i know it’s but very difficult for new seller .

@forhad36 Yes , keep patience and try to reach targeted customers.Try to active because you don’t know when they need you. Hopefully you will find soon… I am also a new seller like you .most of the time i refuse customers orders …because of i can’t satisfy them 100%. Doa roilo vai r amr jonno o doa konben .

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Insha Allah… Thanks for your valuable tips.

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