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What are the best and worst months to sell on Fiverr

Hey guys, I wanted to open this topic mostly for new sellers like myself that could use information like this. For every seller during the year there are hours, days and months that they’re more likely to sell something and months that are more difficult to make just one sale. In your experience when have you made your best sales and when has it been hard to sell even a single thing?


Well there have no fixed answer. But as November and Devember are travelling season so have bit chance to get less order in these months. But I am not fully agree to this answer. Getting best or worst order depends on your gig ranks No matter which month if your gig on rank you will get orders.


From my experience sales decline slowly from October to December. Then picks up again in January. February, March and April were best months for me.


Of course, but for example someone like me whos just starting is less likely to get sales at some times, i got my first sales in december, but now i havent made any, so im trying to analyze data based on peoples experiences and statistics to understand better the market and create other sources of income :slight_smile:


what are your gigs related to? I think i forgot to ask, probably each job has its own statistics? I do illustration

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At one point there may have been a clear, concise answer to this question.

However, with more and more new Fiverr members coming on board daily (my estimation based on Forum posts is 25-50 newbies a day) the competition is fierce.

That cuts down the work for any of us as the Buyer joins are very likely far less than the Seller join figures.

It boils down to supply and demand.

So, the best months to sell on Fiverr have pretty much disappeared.

The worst months to sell on Fiverr are every month these days.

The strong survive.


February has been my worst month for the past two years, with December/January usually being pretty good. I only started in Nov 2018 though so not that much data!


I’ve been on and off fiverr for the past few years (but had a full-time job + language school on the side so wasn’t all that active). I noticed that the summer (when I was often the busiest, go figure) was usually decent. September/October last year was pretty slow (that was when I started to take freelancing seriously, so maybe that’s why). November was a bit better and quite frankly for me, December and January have been GREAT so far, but I do think it depends on what you do, how many sellers are in that category (and in general just, life, I suppose).


Hahaha, well sure, I mean, I don’t think it should be easy at all, I actually delayed working until a felt i had competent skills, because of the pandemic freelancers have increased so it makes sense.

I feel that its not just about skills anymore but also resourcefulness

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I only have one year of experience to pull from, but my worst months were September through November. Best month was June.

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I never have a “bad time” to offer what I sell.

I think that those who do have slower times, perhaps it is due to the type of service they provide? I know some businesses take time off during the holiday season or stop making any new commitments (orders) until they have worked up a budget for the coming year, etc.

Also, as said above, with the influx of literally 1000’s of sellers coming on board monthly, usually posting Gigs in categories that are already saturated, they are likely to see a slump (unless they are just amazing at what they do OR at marketing) if they ever get traction here. It is like a needle in a haystack for some categories here when it comes to standing out.



I have More than 5 year of experience to pull from, but my worst months were December. After Decemebr all month was Good for me…

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@looseink i fully agree… :+1: