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What are the best business tips for new Fiverr sellers?

Hello. I’ve recently setup my seller’s account on Fiverr and was wondering what is the best way to get your business noticed as a new user? As others have stated here, when searching for buyers, the Buyer’s Request feature is not the best option with the influx of sellers promoting there. What tips do you have for new users who are looking to successfully break into the Fiverr market? Wishing much success to all the creatives here pursuing their passions.

Besides the Fiverr Academy one should consider listen to or reading Seth Godin, Tony Robbins, Gary V. etc.

The worst place for advice is this forum section as the blind are trying to lead the blind.

Here are some to start with:

and then read all the rest of the posts in this category plus the articles in the Support Team Knowledge Base. Someone else already suggested Fiverr Academy which is awesome.

Hi Mario, Thank you for the great advice. The Fiverr Academy seems like a great place to start for new sellers. The influencers you mentioned are grade-A motivational leaders for entrepreneurs. I listen to Tony Robbins almost daily during my 30-minute morning walks just before work and have seen a boost in my productivity in a short amount of time. I’ll certainly circle back to Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk for more insights. Have a great rest of the week.

Thank you for the links! These are all helpful resources to start off with on Fiverr. Much success to you! :slight_smile:

Did you watch “I’m not your Guru” on Netflix? Right now I’m reading “Re-awaken the giant within” by Tony Robbins. Great stuff.
“Jib Jib Jib Right Hook” by Gary V. was also a very good read. If only people knew that they all do wrong on SM :slight_smile:

I wish you a great week as well and tons of success with your gigs.

I am impressed that you came back, read what was written, and replied! You might be surprised by how many people ask for tips and never come back. Just in actually spending time on your goals here, you are far ahead of the newbie pack. Good luck!