What are the best Fiverr back linking gigs?


As a Internet marketing and social media expert, it’s important for me to get my clients rank on Google on page 1 as soon as possible. I use Fiverr and have been using Fiverr for a few years now. The biggest challenge is to find gigs for Backlinking that actually work, even though some gigs have thousands of purchases, they don’t always work that well with Google.

So I’m starting this new discussion to have anybody post which Fiverr gigs they have purchased (.edu .gov or whatever) that have actually been tested and have proven results on Google. I think this will help everybody involved.

I’ll start it off with this gig that I purchased http://fiverr.com/blboss/create-6-links-from-pr9-authority-sites-dofollow-anchortext-viewable-intext-inurl-verified-different-ips-plus-bonus

it produced pretty good results on Google, when I used it In combination with exact match domain technique.

Anyone else?


If you ask such questions, everybody will recommend their gig. Everybody thinks they are the best and they would try to convince. Who provides best link building service? Well, everybody will say they do and so do i think so I provide the best link building service. :smiley:

See thi is the honest fact, the things which work out for others might not work out for you and vice versa. So you have to test it by yourself and you always have the search option to find the right kind of link building gigs.

Last but not the least, if you are looking for white hat manual link building gigs specially after post penguin 2.0 which matter a lot then you can always check out my profile for all king of services i provide.



As a matter of fact, I would not recommend using any spinnable contact or whatever because Google is gonna get your *ss sooner or later. Just create quality stuff on your site so that people share it.


You preffer use this gig, it create 2 anchortext keywords on thousands of spinable article, this piramid backlinks, safe google panda, fast index from high PR sites.



or you can learn by your own and do it by yourself forever?



Guys, this isn’t a post to promote yourself, this is a conversation for buyers to share information on which Fiverr have actually worked for their Backlinking and SEO

So come on Fiverr buyers, join the conversation!


Just take a look at feedbacks: http://fiverr.com/whitehatseo10/manually-submit-your-link-on-pr10-to-pr7-social-networks-it-is-a-white-hat-seo-service


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You can’t expect to receive honest feedback in a forum filled with Fiverr sellers, and the only posts are about self promotion.

Try posting on any IM websites like WarriorForum or WildFire so you might get better answers.


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Well for personally, since I am into fitness and the health related niche is such a competitive market I was able to get some freaking awesome results that put me high up in the search results and its all thanks to the following gig below:


I owe it to Ozzieuk, he really did produce some awesome seo results !

Best seo fiverr gig so far!


Well for starters, I wouldn’t recommend those that recommend themselves. If they were effective, word of mouth(prime example, above!) and/or SEO itself would lead them to get orders as it is.

You know the best way to find out who’s effective? Search their gig on search engines, through Fiverr, and other search methods and see if you can even find their gig. If you can, that’s definitely a good start!

Reply to @toehangfitness: What PR was your page, and what did it end up as when he was done? I was thinking of using his service for some of my new pages I am working on. I guess I could shell out the initial gig and see what happens, eh?