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What are the Best Gigs for Fiverr marketplace?

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Rather than focusing most interesting gigs or categories in Fiverr try something very unique and something that grow in the future (It could be a skill that you have but currently no one is offering) as a new seller who like to grow.

That’s my best advice for new seller in fiverr from my 3 year of experience…


@sahapartho53 May I just ask how did you come to your conclusion and why are you telling this to forum users?

Your information is absolutely useless without context.

By the way, you name some of the most crowded categories on Fiverr.

Paid reviews

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Only offer a gig for which you can provide a professional service.


Exactly, I agree with you.

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Hi, every gig are best because search in fiverr there have top rated seller. But i think for improved you need to choose an unique category.

The problem with Fiverr is that too many individuals claim to be experts at something when in fact they’re not trained or experienced - or indeed any good.

Photoshop editing is a great example of this. Just because someone has an old laptop, and a cracked version of Photoshop from 10 years ago doesn’t make them a photo editor.

Likewise with logo design. Just because someone can use a free logo creation template website and select different colours, and choose from pre-made elements such as font and images doesn’t make them a logo designer.

So when you say ‘the best gigs’ what you are actually saying is these are the gig areas where a high percentage of people believe they can make money - even though they have no natural talent of experience. This is why we see so many $5 gigs.

Let’s be realistic, the cost of a genuine software licence for tools such as Photoshop means it is impossible to offer $5 photo editing gigs and make any money.

Well that’s good point of view but you have to “fake it till you make it” at beginning, there is no other way to gain experience at start. And I believe as long as you genuinely want to provide value (not just scam people) that’s completely fine

I get what you’re saying, and there is some truth in it, but I can’t fully agree with you!

Buyers have an expectation that they will be dealing with someone who knows what they’re talking about - not someone who is winging it and simply hoping for the best.

If I was a buyer, I wouldn’t want to be someone’s experiment and to receive a mediocre service.

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Of course, but from a seller perspective you have to start somewhere. You have to learn your craft in some way and let’s be realistic having 20 courses on Udemy on graphic design won’t make you graphic designer.

Ofc im not talking about those guys who just pick fastest way to earn money (like those logo creation websites that you mentioned) but about people that did some learning, practiced for some time and want to take it further.

Appearing as an expert may be too much though, but portraying yourself as a person who did something for some time as a hobby and just want to work some? why not

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You shouldn’t worry about these sort of questions. All you need to do is to do things you’re good at.

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