What are the best Sci-FI movies in 2017


HI I would like to know about what are the best sci-fi movies in 2017. comment your best movie


The Dear Sirs: Part Deux: Mack Sales Strikes Back. It’s an awesome movie.

@Woofy31 right?


Thanks bro. I like to watch it


It’s a joke title, I was referring to something else.

Have you seen The Valerian? That’s a great Sci-Fi movie, followed by some of the latest Marvel movies. Star Wars?


Ohh funny.Thanks The “valerian” is great. I have watched all star wars movies. those are great




Nice move. I have watched it



I definitely say Guardian Galaxy vol 2 :heart_eyes:


Now that is funny stuff. :rofl:


We have all the daily cinematic controversy we can stomach right now. I want to be bored again by politicians.


Funny but apparently far too controversial… :slight_smile: