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What are the best tips for a seller

What are the best tips for a seller in 2021? As we all know the marketplace in expanding day by day & it’s though to stay at your position, because the rising number of freshers.

What are your best tips for a level 2 seller?

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2021 is really not going to be any different from 2020 or 1920 or 1020. People act like they change a lot but really they don’t. At least not in any way that is significant.

It seems that way because in 2020 more people watched Netflix then in 1020. But you know what? If in 1020 they could have watched Vikings on Netflix (rather than in their front yard) they would have.

New people coming into a market do create upheaval, but again they only amplify what was already there. Online freelance spaces were already full of clueless people and those who prey on them. They had them in 1020 remember, they were called Vikings. in 920 they were called Visigoths, in 820 they were Romans, in…

So in 2021, 2022, 2023… you should be doing exactly what you were doing to get customers in 2020.

If the problem was that in 2020 you weren’t getting customers then you have to look to see if you were playing Viking or victim of Vikings. If so, you need to work out how to be someone who trades rather than steals/gets stolen from.

Even Vikings traded and respected trade markets - i.e. they didn’t steal from them and smash them up as they needed them to buy & sell themselves.



I wouldn’t be so quick to downplay the chaos and economic turmoil that has occurred in 2020. Have there been global pandemics and economic recessions in the past? Without a doubt, but such major events have generational impact, and we are only at the starting point of realizing the lingering effects 2020 will leave behind.

A plethora of brick-and-mortar businesses will simply not be coming back, and entire industries like food services, hospitality, and tourism will be reeling, trying to crawl back to pre-2020 levels for possibly the rest of the decade.

For us online freelancers; yes, expect a continual flood of newcomers in 2021, whether driven by desire, desperation, or something in between. I just hope their heads are not filled with the foolish musings of get-rich-quick gurus that litter the video and blogosphere.

As for a tip for sellers in 2021, please keep a skeptical mind on what you read in the forum (and hopefully in other places too). :thinking:


This is what people focus on and I understand (I am no different) but my point was that these things are surface things and don’t change human nature.

People still need to trade. How they trade may look different on the surface but how (and why) they trade from a psychological perspective remains no different.

A bone needle, a bronze hair slide, an iPhone… all the same. Not to look at but in the reasons we desire and get them.

A smart salesman is aware of demand for or against all these things but still focuses on that which drives the sale. You can get away with being a poor but successful salesman if you are lucky enough to be holding the iPhone when the wheel stops at that nail, but for everyone else, the real salesmanship starts when you realize that the object is incidental. The need is eternal.


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I know my numbers are down in 2020 partly due to COVID.

I’ve had regular clients tell me they have shifted from hiring freelancers to doing work in-house on their websites due to the uncertainty they have regarding buying online.

Will 2021 be different?

I am thinking of unique Gigs to offer that may find me a different niche than I’ve been in and I may see success with that…or not.

However, I am looking to 2021 with hope. We’ll see how it goes.

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The last year was so difficult for all the economic areas, specially for the tourism as well as the small businesses.
Nevertheless, there are so many experts who think the arrival of the vaccine will help to the economic recovery of all the enterprises.
Maybe this doesn’t bring an immediate effect, but since September 2021 we can see a great motivation of the people for buying, going to restaurants or travelling around the world.
For that reason, in Vipealo we want to keep the contact with our customers also in this situation. So, I recommend you to increase your presence in the social media, trying to be always on the mind of the customer

It is a shame that you have to turn every conversation into a blatant advert for yourself. It diminishes your credibility every time you do it.


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