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What are the chances of getting an order by sending an offer, if there's already more than 40 offers sent to the same BR?

Hello Everyone!

I am new here. I am trying to send offers as many as I can (to reach 10 each day), but the problem is most of the time I found the BR with already 30 or 40 offers sent. I still send my offers to the same BR but deep inside I feel that by these many offers the buyer might already have decided whom to select for his/her seller. Another thing, I try to read the BR attentively and write the offer accordingly which also takes time (and by this time lot of other offers might have been made). So need I worry or continue doing what I am doing?

Thanks for your time and patience that you have read this conversation and my query.


yeah you said everything Right but only 40 request…!! Dude I always saw more than 150 offers already sent to buyer requests


150…!! then I guess I am not so behind. Feeling a little bit relieved too… Thanks for your response and Best of luck dude!


The odds are probably about 1 in however many offers there are (or will be once all the other sellers have made their offer). Though that assumes the buyer picks one at random. Yours probably will get added to the top of the buyer’s list until the next one gets added above yours. It also obviously depends on how good each offer is, the price, maybe the gig image if that’s shown the buyer.

Make yours stand out in the offer description and price and seem like the best (or one of the best) offer to reply to/accept and they’ll be more likely to respond/accept it.


That’s really great to know that still we stand a chance even though a lot of offers have been made. Thanks for your insight. Really appreciate it.


yes this thing is happen in fiverr and you should carry on by good send request so that you could take work

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I’ve had a few buyers reach out even after they already found someone, because they wanted a second pair of eyes to look over something. So, who knows, it’s possible.

I wish you the best of luck with your offers though.


Thanks for the wish. I really appreciate it.

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Honestly, if you offer great value and present yourself well, the chance is very good. That’s my experience anyway.

As a native English speaker and avid reader and writer, I have great success in submitting offers to BR’s. Of course, I vet the BR’s I respond to by the budget and the amount of detail on the project given. Look for serious buyers (there aren’t many, but there are some), and they will see your professionalism over those who copy/paste their offers and don’t address the needs of the buyer or give terrible pitches that make it clear they’re the wrong person for the job. I often submit to jobs with tons of offers already in, but I must stand out since I convert a lot of my offers into customers.

Beware that this is my experience in my niches (romance and fantasy novel writing).


If there 40 offers,
You have a 1/40 chance :grin:


That’s been my experience as well although it’s been a while since I’ve last been to the BR section.

The most interesting story I have was from a buyer that got back to me saying I was the most expensive offer they have received and asked me why I think I was worth that much more over the other offers.

I replied him and he simply said: Okay, let’s do it! That same buyer has placed thousands worth of orders after that first one.

OP: Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t get discouraged by not being the first.

Good luck!


Good humor… but I believe probability and statistics don’t work that way… :grinning:

You are awesome man. That story is really inspiring. I really Appreciate it.

Great post and the replies are also awesome. Thnak to both the person who made the post and who gave their vakuabke and experienced opinions.

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I also have the same confusion. But I tried one day to be in online late night. At 3.00 AM, I got buyer request. At the moment I offered as same as normally doing. Within 10 minutes I received message from buyer and that ended with an order within 30 minute.

It’s all about probability of number of offer received, gig quality also.

Thanks for this post. Never give up!

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