What are the condition to be a TOP RATED seller?


if i want to be a TOP RATED seller how does it possible to be a TOP RATED seller ?

advance thanks for your reply


Top Rated sellers are specifically chosen by the Fiverr staff. You cannot earn that level; it is only given if the staff like you and your gigs, and think you should be given a “promotion”.

My advice, don’t try to earn Top Rated status. Just be a great seller.


@jonbaas isn’t there any condition ?


just be really awesome :wink: hahaha. I think if you read around the site, there’s a post that says that they’re just handpicked by Fiverr staff.


i know those seller are handpicked by Fiverr staff. but isn’t there any condition ?? @theratypist


STOP ASKING THE SAME THING AGAIN & AGAIN!! Don’t spread spam. :disappointed_relieved: You get your answer in @jonbaas reply!


how can it be spam ??? it just a question. if you know the answer help me or if you don’t know just ignore my post. @iamsachmusic





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i asked the same question but different person . they had not replied my question. @iamsachmusic


Well, try to read again. @jonbaas already replied it with correct answer. So there is no need to ask twice.


Besides the fact that the criteria are unknown, there are tons of level 2 sellers earning more than TRS. It’s not a guarantee for anything.