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What are the cons when editing gig

Hello everyone,
What are the cons when editing gig?
Thanks for helping :man_technologist:

Hi @cherboub

Users say that gigs go out of search or don’t show up for hours or even days but, to be honest, I haven’t experimented that. Every time I have edited any of my gigs, they appear immediately and on the page they were before editing.

I have low impressions, clicks, views, when my gigs have edited.
And no messages from buyers.
Thanks for helping

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Someone on here suggested trying to edit at times when you needed to be unavailable eg on holiday and then publishing the gig again before you really wanted it to show up so there was time for it to reappear.
I haven’t tried this but might in the future as I agree it generally takes a day or two for the gig to reappear. I would also suggest doing a search for your gig to check that it is published after editing as twice I have had to ask Fiverr Support to do this. They were apologetic but on one occasion my gig had been unpublished for a week which was a bit of a pain. It was up to me to check though

First thanks for replying,
I have increased the basic price from 5$ to 10$, then no messages from buyers?