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What are the do's and Dont's for a GiG?

Hi, I am Rahu Rahi from India and I just made myu first ever GiG on Fiverr. As it is my first experience I would like you all to have a look at my GiG and tell me what are the mistakes that I have made and how Can I fix them?
Here is the Link:

Also, It would be great that If you clould tell me what are the do’s and Dont’s while making a GiG?

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Hello, @rahurahi.
Making your gig catchy as well as true to your efforts is the most important step. Follow that and I’m sure you’ll have what you need in no time.
Also, you’ve included, “Picture Alt Tags” twice in your Gig’s description.
Have a nice day.

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This may be helpful to you: