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What are the Effects of Late Deliveries on Our Level Badge?

I want to discuss bout the expected effects of late deliveries on our Level Badge? Like I’m a Top Rated Seller and I’m trying to make as many as possible on time deliveries but as my sales have been increased since last month, I wasn’t able to make on time deliveries and my “Delivered on time” rate has been fallen to bout 89%.
Discuss some useful tips as I’m a one man army and I’ve to handle so much work pressure.

Thanks :slight_smile:

My delivery time is 76%…I deliver every order in time within 24 hrs but still it is so less…i also want to manage this time…please share if anybody have any tips to increase that.

Personally my delivery is 80%, which I don’t mind too much but am definitely working to improve.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Extend delivery deadlines.
  2. Add “time extensions” to your extras to buy you some more time (even +1 day can make a huge difference).
  3. Send buyers their drafts EARLY so they have at least 2 days (depending on your deadline) to respond and give feedback. If they don’t give feedback, deliver that gig and make it clear that they should now request a modification (which will give you 24 more hours to work on the project, without it being marked as late).

Other than that, the answer’s quite simple: deliver on time!

Oh, and I don’t think it’ll affect your badge unless you drop below 75% or so (which could increase cancellations, which definitely could affect it).

Good luck,
Matt (xqggqx)

You’re risking your entire account spamming like that. Be careful or you’ll get banned, please.

So how long should you wait to cancel an order? I cancelled one after 2 weeks, with no communication from the seller and another after 3 nearly 4 weeks (who said she would get to it over the weekend (already 2 weeks late), and I waited another week and a half after that). With different designers but for the same project - which I still would like done :frowning:

Delivery should be 100 % on time!

A buyer must expect a timely delivery.

If you have too much orders (you lucky one) you can limit your “orders in queue”.

Imo it is absolutely ok, to penalize a seller somehow, if he repeatedly is not delivering on time.

Mine is at 99% thanks to a revision request.
I don’t understand why people let their orders go late.
As a buyer it is intensely irritating. I placed an order recently where it was to take 8 days, with extras. There was one message to say he had received it but nothing after that. When it went late I messaged him and he told me it would be almost another day! Come on! If you have orders that are going to be late, send a message to the buyer and tell them and give an updated ETA. Don’t wait for them to contact you.
It’s fairly standard business practice and buyers should expect you to keep to your delivery date.

When you get to a certain amount of orders, increase your gig delivery time. If you suddenly get a lot of orders, pause your gigs. Don’t sacrifice your professionalism because you are holding out to get more gigs, focus on doing your best at the ones you have. When I get too busy I use vacation mode. All of my regulars know that if they see me on vacation mode that they can still contact me if they need something and I will get it done.

All of the tools are their to make sure being late doesn’t happen, or at least is very rare. There is no excuse for letting 1 in every 5 orders go late. Adjust gig delivery time, limit the number of orders, be proactive, have a plan, know your busiest days, remember the days you won’t be able to get work and the ones you will be able to focus on work for 12 hours.

Thank you everyone for your great suggestions. I’ve found some solutions like Expanding the Delivery time and limiting the numbers of orders on gigs. The main thing is when the buyer keeps on asking for too many modifications and than in the end the order is marked as late So when one person is always knocking your head for modifications you can’t focus on other orders. Some buyers just don’t understand that there is a queue going on at seller’s end which they have to follow.