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What are the fees for buyers?



I have completed an order and the buyer asked me for 2 additional tasks on this order. So, I sent him 2 different offers (1 for each task) and now he asks me to create 1 offer because of Fiverr fees.
If my offer is $5, Fiverr takes 1$ from me and I will get $4. Do buyers have to pay other feees ?



Usually fee fee is on the paypal button


The buyer is talking about fiverr’s fees, not paypal fees.


Hi carineb,

Fiverr charges buyers a processing fee. I think it’s $1 per transaction, but I’m not positive. Creating a custom order will definitely save your buyer money.

There’s a thread about buyers saving money by using a team account somewhere on the forum, too… I’ll try to find it.


Here you are.


Thank you! :grinning:


Ok, I undestand now !
Honestly that makes a lot of money for fiverr. Fiverr earns 2$ when the seller wins 4$. That means 50% !

I have also found this article :