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What are the latest October 2020 opinions on pausing gigs vs going into Out-Of-Office mode?

We’ll be traveling soon (October 14th) and when we get back home we’re moving to another house about a block away.

What’s the latest opinion on pausing gigs vs going Out-Of-Office (vacation) mode?

Which one hurts the least?

In the past, we’ve tried extending the due date combined with pausing some of our least active gigs with some success. Just wondering about other Seller experiences.

We’ve had some bad experiences with Out-Of-Office mode.


If you go OOO, you can be contacted by your former buyers through messages, and if you are not quick to reply, they may be upset with you.

Whereas, if you pause your gigs, you cannot be contacted. You could also place a note under your profile image that says something about when you will be back.


We were thinking pause everything this time.

We’ll also have a Quick Response set up for any contacts during travel and when we move and wait for Internet connection, plus getting our Home Office set-up.

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I have also heard of sellers who have some luck with extending delivery times. That is what I usually do. I guess it depends on how long you will be gone.


We had a similar problem in May-June 2018… it took until the end of August 2018 to recover.

In 2019 and 2020…

We’ll probably do this again.

There is also this issue with OOO.


Another reason why I would pause my gigs. But usually I extended my delivery times.

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Thanks so much @vickiespencer

It doesn’t sound like anything has changed with Out-Of-Office mode so based on your posts and our past experience, we’re going with this solution:

  1. Our Custom Offer Gig is paused.
  2. All other gigs have extended delivery times to cover travel and a day of recovery from travel.
  3. We’ve set up a Quick Response for any messages that come-in while we’re busy with travel and moving.
  4. We’ll “rinse and repeat” during all the moving trauma :slightly_smiling_face:

~ Lee and Mark Johnson (Arizona USA)

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I used the out-of-office mode for 2 days over the past weekend and deactivated it again on Sunday evening. today on monday there were inquiries / orders for three different gigs. Two of them have no sales figures worth mentioning, but it was a bit surprising that inquiries were made there. I am only a level 2 seller but I could not find any negative influences so far.

Greetings from Montana USA! :wave:

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Unless they’ve changed Quick Response, it’s not automated. It saves you from typing the same thing, but someone still needs to log in and actually send it.

I’ve used OOO so many times ( in fact twice already in the past several weeks)
and I was at first worried about it because I’ve heard about the Fiverr Land’s horror stories of the Fiverr boogieman messing up your gigs etc, but so far nothing bad has happened.
As soon as I am back from OOO my gigs are up, I got messages and notifications during OOO too with no problems… I guess I was quite lucky??

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Oh yes, you still need to select and send the message, but it’s still VERY helpful when you’re bouncing around in a car on a 2000 mile trek or making a quick stop somewhere along the way. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Find free Wi-Fi somewhere and quickly send the already written message?

No need to on our Verizon plan.


I love Verizon! I too have traveled with it and I am rarely out of touch or dependent on free wifi.