What are the legitimine fiverr gigs as to fakes?


the only gigs i found to shine on FIVERR are translating (some fakes as well), musicians, VO actors, commercial actors and journalists, graphics and illustration artists etc., EVERYTHING else is fake, fake votes and all.

It seems that attorneys, psychics, new business advisors, tax accountants background checks and other intellectual virtual gigs (especially with ******** giving them great reviews) are scams…

ETSY banned psychics and any types of services that are not physical services calling them bluffs,Is there anything else positive anyone can put on the list of good things that come from FIVERR?

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Any gig that provides a valuable end product is seen as legit. Just about every gig category serves a purpose and caters to specific clientele. For many clients and freelancers that utilize this site, fiverr is seen as a go to place for getting work done without having to jump through flaming hoops.


there are tons of fakes that you cant verify, how do you verify an attorney, a accountant etc to assure your not sharing important information with a scammer?

you normally confirm these people with the state or DAs office


Some freelancers have this info in their bio along with their education credentials. Some are even willing to provide this upon request. Not only that but the reviews for said freelancers can speak volumes for their work quality.


No one in their right mind would hire an attorney or accountant from any freelance platform. At least not for anything more serious than a snippet of advice here or there,


i guess your referring to fiverr because all the Attorney bars in the US refer attorneys for a small fee as a basic first time case presentation and most of the times advise fee between $20-$35.

its a criminal offense for anyone to give legal advise with out a license, even you or me…you have to provide disclaimer clear incase it comes back to you.


I don’t really get what you are trying to do here aside from just troll around looking for an argument.

Good luck with that. :slight_smile:


so i take it you call everyone who brings this notorious issue with fiverr up a troll?, which is exactly what your doing lol

Lets stay on the subject, can fiverr sweep up fake accounts and scam artists?

Etsy and Amazon did it, why not fiverr?

  1. This is an international run company. Laws in one area won’t necessarily be relevant in another.

  2. There’s no genuine way to determine the legitimacy of certain gigs without doing harm to those that have been performing said services for years successfully and without issue.

  3. Fiverr deals with things in their own unique way. Just because it doesn’t look like something is getting done doesn’t mean it’s being ignored.


just wondering how you go about it, as i said Etsy and Amazon are also international companies who had no choice but to remove charlatans preying or phishing on their sites…i guess they started doing it after many abuses took place so i ask the same thing here since i see the same question about fiverr all over google such as are there fake reviews etc

not saying fiverr is bad or anything like that, in fact its not only a great idea but the best out there for freelance media artists and musicians…but i cant see how it would work for other subjects or services involving non tangible goods.


How about we just leave the matter in the hands of the clients that find use in the services?


im a client and i found this topic to be spreading like wildfire in the US and Europe, are you suggesting to let things take its pace like amazon who did nothing until class action lawsuits started flying their way?

All i asked here is what FIVERR s doing about all these fake reviews, group related accounts or multiple accounts run by none licensed or qualified attorneys, psychics who are defrauding and using the trust of the site to phish information as well., not saying this is what fiverr is about just asking what they can improve to clean it up.


We have no idea because we’re not Fiverr, but I’m sure you could ask Fiverr themselves:


Fiverr wont tell me what they are doing directly even if i asked them,
its why i decided to discuss this here respectfully to protect fiverr from the idea they promote it which seems to be the misconception going around.

i like fiverr and think its a perfect solution for the freelance artists