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What are the Low Competition, Easy Gigs?Share your Ideas

I think this thread will useful. Share your ideas. I will share my idea. “Domain name & research available names” Gig is low competition & easy. you continue…


Suggest everyone reads the above!


mhhh, low competition + easy sounds like a hard to find catch.

There are Gigs. I gave an example. I found this on an article.

Another Gig ideal is “digital business card”.

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If I knew a way to get rich on fiverr with little to no effort, I for sure wouldn’t tell anyone. That’d be my dirty little secret.


sharing is caring :grinning:

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Well there is plenty of gigs that have low competition, but you still need skill and hard work. I Mean example, there is a lot of competition in drawing manga style illustrations and low competition in drawing horror fantasy illustrations, since that’s what i do and I got orders really fast…BUT you still need to know how to draw.
See it that way: If it’s easy and requires no skill, why would buyers pay money instead of doing it themselves?


at the end skills matter.


I mean, kudos to this post for framing the topic as a game of sorts as opposed to your usual “I have no skills and I want the big bucks”. But still, if anyone knows the answer, they’re too busy making the big bucks to bother to invite others to their low competition niche.

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IOS App developer is best. Local SEO competition is also very low.

Research and you will find it. Why would I and many other sellers share any secret, whether we know it or not? You make big money from that, but what about us? How does it benefit us?


Yes, there are gig types with just a dozen or more sellers. They exist.

But if it’s an easy market, it’s nearly filled to the brim already…
…and if it’s an open market, then it’s hard to upskill or thrive in.

Gatekeeping also is at times. :smiley:
Letting low quality sellers or scammers flood a market will just make the clients and sellers’ work harder. Not all secret recipes (or nuclear launch codes for that matter) are kept away from the public just for a matter of greed…


If it’s low competition and easy, it is either:

  1. Not profitable at all
  2. Guaranteed to be high competition immediately once people find it.

It’s basic market economics, supply and demand. If it’s easy and profitable, everyone and their mother will be doing it.


If you have good skills, your work will not be less. :smiley:

Low competition and easy:

  • Career Counseling

If there’s a market for that and it pays well, it will cease to be low competition fast.

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