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What are the main reasons fiverr block a profile?


I have a question from experienced sellers on fiverr regarding fiverr’s policy of suspending certain profiles. I am new seller on fiverr and have worked hard to set up my profile. I want to stay away from all practices that lead to suspension of account. Can anyone here provide me an explicit list of practices that lead to account suspension. Also, does a seller receive warning before their account is suspended? Or account suspension usually occurs without any warning?


essay writing, academic writing, thesis writing is not allowed.
Contact outside of fiverr, review manipulation, empty delivery are some of reasons of suspending the account. You should read this:


Of course. That list called fiverr Terms and Conditions. Those are the rules you need to follow.

By the way, it might be a big surprise for you but you already signed that document and ticked the box that you read and understood all rules.
So you’d better go and read them for real now. And if you don’t understand something there then you can always come back and ask us for a clarification.

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If you violate Fiverr Terms of service, Your account will be disabled.
Please read the entire TOS page.

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