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What are the most demanded skills on Fiverr?

So, My question is “what are the most demanded skills that i can sell out on Fiverr”? and there is a room for new sellers.

Right now I have these Skills:
:point_right: Python
:point_right: Animated Video making
:point_right: Graphic Designing
:point_right: Resume writing
:point_right: Content writing
:point_right: SEO


you can sell any Service on Fiverr which follows the complete guidelines of TOS

In simple and deep. only provide those services in which you are highly passionate



He is asking which one has the highest demand, not what he is allowed to sell.

@waqasamir007 Research those terms in Google and see how commonly they are used in gigs and do the same with the search filter options for your sub-category. Try to stick with ones that don’t have huge competition, as long as you are proficient.


I know what he is trying to ask. “i gave him the complete relevant answer”

guess what? no one can 100% accurately tell other person the name of skill which he/she can offer to marketplace and get exposure


only person himself / herself know what kind of potential he/she got in specific skills


i believe if you got Really Hardcore Potential in your skills then don’t worry about competition . "makes your own stragety which will helps you stand in the crowd


Try to Bring something new to marketplace (off-course the world needs Creative things and people support them)

in this really Hi-tech and advance Era. you can’t just follow old patterns . like (Forcing “x” thing in “y” place in “z” time)


No, competition always affects you regardless if your degree of value and skill. Always. That’s how business works.


this is why i already mention “about stragety

A Unique stragety could defeat the competition


So not true :)) One of the top-rated sellers in Logo Design had 385 orders in queue yesterday and he delivers in 24 hours. Imagine the quality they offer creating 400 logos in 24 hours. Even with 100 people, it’s still 4 logos/day and that’s pretty much a guaranteed clip art or template. I create them all manually and it takes some time to think of an idea, draw it on paper, digitize it, find suitable colors, send progress samples test for contrast on different backgrounds and many other steps. And I have 4 orders since I joined (1 month) :slight_smile:
Absolutely nothing to do with quality, just quantity.


with all your Respect. quantity matters after “Quality”

if you don’t have any Quality in work then why people will give you second order???

:blush: thank you for contribution

By the way. there are tons of topics in this forum already exist which can answer your this statement very clearly


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People have no idea what a logo should look like :slight_smile: They accept a simple jpg file and give 5 stars, they have no idea how to check if a similar logo exists online, they have zero knowledge about logo design rules and logic. You will see hair saloons with e-sport logos, photographers with watercolor logos, etc. They don’t even know what a CMYK logo is, they have no idea how to use a transparent file (they ask you for a jpeg because they don’t know how to put a background behind it).
They ask for a second order because they are pleased with that design, but that doesn’t mean it’s a quality design. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY you can create 400 unique logos in 24 hours. At least 10% (if not more) of the people who left a good review on them are probably using the same logo design :slight_smile:
It’s all about quantity. If that guy can create 400 logos in 24 hours, he brings to fiverr $800 each day. Now that’s a great reason to put him in front of everybody else. I would not be able to create 400 logos in 24 hours, so they have no reason to put me next to him. My designs are clearly superior, but I can’t match his speed.


@arcticdesigner i can feel your “Business-Minded” thoughts. its an good perception at some pov

but what if we talk about others like i work in “programing and tech” you can assume i can’t just sell same codes to hundreds of peoples . make sense?

my each client comes with entirely new problem or completely new needs and this is where i have to listen to their needs first very clearly and then plan a stragety for fixing that problem and then execute. (in the whole process. there are tons of discussion also included as this category is pretty much technical and Hi-tech) So, for turning my new clients into Regular clients i have to provide them with 1000% Quality work in all aspects.


I think if one is good at just one thing and is unbeatable in that field, creates a good marketing strategy and puts it on the board, will hit it hard always.

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People buy logo design once every…I really don’t know. Completely different domain. But to make it similar: Imagine yourself hiring 20 people and making 400 websites/day, installing a simple free theme and nothing else. No plugins, no code, no diva, no elementor, just a simple basic theme. You could do 20 (x20) in one day, so Fiverr would consider you awesome and put you on the first page for it. But not because you are an amazing web designer, just because you bring more money than the other ones :slight_smile: We all try to go around it in some way, but we are all aware that this is the real truth here.


well thanks to fiverr. i already at first page regarding my skills

P.S: i don’t create dummy websites. I’m a programmer and cyber security analyst. 95% of my work based on “custom” needs.

i hope you will understand this time. if you make “x” amount of money by providing “20 dummy sites” and in the other hand WHAT if you make that same “x” amount of money by fulfilling an “custom” needs of client. fiverr will get same Revenue

its only depends on us. about how we want to work.

almost anyone can provide General things to clients. but only few one can fulfill custom needs. and this is where they “RISE FROM THE REST

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Can you identify why he has so many in his queue?

BTW there is room for both kinds of logo designers in fiverr, those who do fewer but make sure they are all high quality one of a kind and well done, and those who churn out 50 a day and they are not so great.

Fiverr lately is making sellers Top Rated who do fewer sales but have high quality work that stands out above the rest in the logo category.

Which kind gets ranked best by the algorithm is a mystery that is always changing.


His position in search mainly. It’s obvious that most people never make it to page 2, let alone my page 3. I understand the logic behind it and it’s a good logic if money is what you are after as Fiverr :slight_smile: That guy can make them $800-$1000/day, I would not be able to make 300 in total with my gig, so $60 for Fiverr. They pay the platform, they have employees, advertising costs, they need this money and that’s fine, I get it why it’s like that. I just don’t agree with people saying that if you have quality you can beat quantity here. You just can’t, because quality takes time and I can create maybe 2-3 logos/day, not 400. Even if my most expensive gig here is $100, I would be nowhere close to those sellers. If they put me on the first page, I would probably have to limit my orders to be able to deliver, so I do understand the logic behind fiverr :slight_smile: I only argued about quality over quantity. You must agree with me: 400 logos in 24 hours definitely means templates. Even if the people liked it and came back for more, that’s not quality.

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They have the guy who designed the Apple logo here and his staff will make you a logo for around $30,000. They have other very high priced designers too.

Some of them do get orders, a few per month. So it evens out.

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Yeah, because many people go: Hmm, I need a $30.000 logo…where do I go? I know, Fiverr!

There are high priced sellers who get orders, not lots of them but enough. Things are slowly changing. There are SEO sellers who charge $900 who get regular orders.
A really good SEO person can command a lot of money.

You must understand one thing. If you are Apple or Nike and you need a redesign, sure…people will charge you close to that $30.000 But if you are a normal company, paying 30.000 for an apple is just plain stupid. A logo alone can’t sell anything. Nobody likes a logo and says: oh, I don’t know what this company is selling, but I love that logo and I’m going to buy!

Paul Rand also designed the NeXT logo for Steve Jobs in 1986, this time for $100,000.

Arnell Group redesigned Pepsi’s logo to the tune of $1 million in 2008.

BP spent 211 MILLION DOLLARS for its logo design in 2008.

She was paid $35 to design the Nike “Swoosh” logo:

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