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What are the new update in Fiverr



What are the new updates you saw in Fiverr? As they were updating from last 9-10 hours.



I don’t see any :stuck_out_tongue:


what are the changes?


Nothing i guess. They might have fixed the broke links or rating bugs.


Didn’t notice any changes yet !!!


Nothing yet.


Did they mention that there would be changes? As far as I know, they only said maintenance, not updates.


Maintenance, no updates. What I see Buyer Request working well at this moment.


My “History” doesn’t work and I almost suffered a severe hearing loss and a heart attack while using the audio preview option before delivering an audio file which all of a sudden blasted me with a super loud static white noise. Well that’s a great start into the day then . Thank you for making me jump out of my chair fiverr :confused:


I don’t see it


They seem to be restricting accounts with stock price photos.


They seem to be restricting accounts with stock profile photos.


They might be restricting accounts with stock profile photos, too.


i saw a brand new badge/ad on my dashboard to activate packages for all of my gigs-- seems they are really pushing this lately. I don’t really think it makes sense in the voiceover category, but that’s just me


Wow, that’s a bold move! Are they going the route of some other f-lancing site like Upwerk?


Could you post a screenshot?


I dont see anything new. i guess they must have fixed some bugs. No new features are added.


Beats me! i just noticed that they’ve been cracking down on lots of things lately and my reply seemed useful to the OP (to me) but I didn’t want it to be on page 2 so I just replied to poor Anna so my post would stay on page 1.

I know nothing. Well, I did find a way to get to the “View Activity” stuff so i could add to your workarounds. So, I know something, but not really about this thread.


Yup, I added them on the sticky thread.


It was just maintenance… nothing else…