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What are the OPPORTUNITIES for freelancers now?

I believe many of freelancers are getting lost or trapped in uncertainty during the period of changing the world.

What about to start thinking how will the world look like in three months or a year or forever since now.

I believe there are already opportunities that arise now and I would like to share my thoughts with all community. I think of some areas where new gigs could have potential in my opinion.

  1. Education
    distance education, video lessons, electronic quizes, systems of distance examination, surveys etc.

  2. Health
    health@home, video instructions, yoga, video trainings, diet, challenges, virus awareness etc.

  3. Cooking
    video guides, cooking&health, competitions, fun

  4. Travel&Entertainment
    homeland promotion, etc

What are your thoughts?
Would such a topic be useful?


As our unemployment numbers will skyrocket - resumes. But - at the moment I have very bad sales. So maybe I’m wrong - or the run is just beginning.


Here is a thread about the same topic:

I would say, creating distance job opportunities through freelancing could be a good option.

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Yes you are right. Wish you all the best

There are thousands of Fiverr sellers already offering the services you have listed.

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I doubt if now is a good time to offer new travel gigs.