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What are the reasons behind getting banned in fiverr?

I am new in fiverr. I have heard a lot of positive things about fiverr. I also learned that fiverr bans many of the accounts. As a newcomer I am very curious to know what are the reasons so that I can avoid this.

If you follow the Terms of Service and forum rules that covers most of it. Posting ads in Buyer Requests can do it. If you plan to make any gig related to 3rd party sites or products like Facebook, Twitter, Google or Adsense, you will be safest if you send the gig description to Fiverr CS and asks if it passes editorial review and is OK to put up, that can help.

I was banned from buyer requests on my second sale for the month of December when I really couldn’t afford that as a personal shopper.

How that happened was that a buyer sent a regular inbox email and an order at virtually the same time and I was in bed and using my cell phone to answer her and i answered to the order instead of the email so I was marked as having bad response time.

I’ve been to gaming sites where they have tutorials on the games. I don’t know if fiverr does something similar to walk new sellers through the order process and features on both the app and site, but that would be a good idea.

Also realize that not all features that are on the website ( such as the response time meter for the inbox) are on the app.

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You can’t and shouldn’t run your business through an app. Apps are trinkets to be played with or convenient ways to communicate on the go. Fiverr has an extensive help section along with an Academy that goes into some depth here, although I don’t know how well it is promoted to new sellers.

Looking at the new influx, I’m guess it’s either not, or there’s a load of lazy bums who just want their $$$. Incidentally, is personal shopping really a viable career on Fiverr? Seems to me this would be more suited to IRL situations, the monthly box model or at least a boutique website. I just don’t see how it would work here, mainly because if I was in that market, I’d be looking for local-ish PSers rather than a global microgig economy that largely details with more traditional freelance areas (writing, coding, graphic design etc).

You definitely should not be communicating with your buyers through email. That’s practically an autoban. I mean, at the end of the day, if you want to run a business while hiring someone else’s real estate, the onus is on us to learn the rules. It’s like setting up a mall stall, I’m sure. They don’t have tutorials like video games either. Tehy have like info packs or however they do it.

Personal shopper in a mall would be cool, on that note.

Essentially as others have said. All you have to do is follow the rules, and the ToS and you will be fine. If you work hard, handle your clients well, and are professional you’ll find that you’ll be doing fairly well.

However, if you break the rules, you will be banned or have your account restricted. That’s really it. No one is special enough to have an exceptions made for them, so keep that in mind.

Stay with fiverr ruls.

Thank you for your kind information!

Thank you!

The most frequent reasons for getting banned are:

  1. Soliciting buyers’ email addresses or telephone numbers for off-Fiverr communication.

  2. Asking buyers to pay you directly via PayPal.

  3. Making an empty delivery and insisting that the buyer leave a positive review before you deliver the finished product.


Sorry I didn’t understood 4th point!!! Cab you explain it in easy way?

Unfortunately, that poster’s account is closed, but I think, James meant to say that YOU SHOULD NOT SCREAM AT PEOPLE, BE IT BUYER, SELLER, OR CUSTOMER SUPPORT, and use the caps-lock sparingly. :wink: Which is a good advice. :slight_smile:


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