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What are the risky thing for new seller?

Good behaviour is the main key . You can call your buyer as sir . Talk with them. Understand their needs . Ask them what they are actually want . Then ask your self are you able to give your 110% :thinking:? If yes then start the project. Think about that… If you think that, a buyer only orderd a 5$ gig and you do not have to do more, then its wrong :pensive:. It could be 1000$ gig or 5$ gig. The 5$ project review will effect your profile same as the 1000$ gig . Be careful in little project as the bigger project.

Tips -

  1. Do not accepte huge order that you cant handle.
  2. Keep in touch after finishing the project :smirk:. And through this tricks, you can get more orders from the same buyer.
  3. Finish one by one project. Do not handle 10 project at a single time.
  4. Let your buyer free with you. But do not try to casual with buyer. This will help Impress your buyer more.
  5. Give them good idea :smiley: that can makes there project more beautiful.
  6. Help them.
  7. Never never never never ask for any tip. Fiverr will hold your rank. (Level 1, level 2) :shushing_face:

Etc etc etc…

Where is the risk??? :thinking:

Here is the risk … Your buyer can give you good review with 5 star :pensive:. But, as example- if he feels that your work is not working for him then he can report your profile … Report your message after completing the project . There is 4 option to report in profile. :zipper_mouth_face:

Remember all those thing . And earn more earn unlimited with your respective buyer on fiverr. :sunglasses:

You dont need 100s of buyer :blush:. One good buyer can change your life with lots of work.

Best of luck.:blush:

I can add more emojis if you want😂


Can you please add some more emojis?

Not everyone is a ‘sir,’ nor does everyone want to be addressed as ‘sir.’ This is an international marketplace, so you should be wary not to be ethnocentric in your approach.

You should not spam a buyer after a project is done. That can lead to warnings.


I feel like I’m going to be attacked by emojis. It’s not a good feeling.


Keep calm…




I think, now they will not attack you.


Sorry brother… I want to mean that… Their could be a simple mistake in the project. That need to revise again. So seller need to handle this thing very quickly.

And… Internationally sir is the more acceptable word. I worked with lots of seller in the fiverr and most of the seller use sir word for their buyer. But this is not a rule that… Seller must call a buyer as sir. And not all of my seller called me sir… Some of seller called me brother, friend and also some of them call me with my name.


In certain countries, yes. In many other countries, no.

I suggest you look up Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory, especially the part about power distance.

(You can use this site to compare countries on their cultural dimensions: - it is a great tool to learn about cultural differences.)

For example, in Scandinavia, our equivalents for sir/ma’am are rarely used. Mostly they are used by cheeky salespeople for people older than 80.

Hence when I am called ‘sir,’ it makes me feel old and awkward.

Also, calling others ‘brother’ and ‘friend’ is considered impolite in most business settings.


If the buyer is a woman and the seller addresses her as sir, she could easily feel offended and decide to work with someone more respectful instead. Someone who doesn’t assume that, if she’s running a business and buying a service for it, she must be a man.


Sir isn’t used much in the U.S. It’s much too formal. And people don’t call each other “brother”. I find it amusing but also not something a professional would ever do.

In fact it’s not necessary to call anyone anything when dealing with a client.

I know it’s different in various parts of the world. But it’s slightly offensive to be called anything other than my name by sellers or buyers. I am in a western culture and we don’t do this, use sir, madame, brother or “ma”. It’s best to skip all such words.


That’s true, mostly I rather go straight to what I’m wanting to discuss with the buyer without regarding him/her with any pronoun. Because they definitely know whom I’m in conversation with because it’s only the two of us in the discussion box.


Thanks vibronx. I will must read it.


Yes. Not important. Deal is the main thing.

Thanks for valuable tips

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Thanks dear. But I will suggest you that. Please read comments below of the post. Some good seller shared their experience in comment and they provided very nice information that also very good.

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