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What are the rules for refunding the payment in case of canceling the order?

Hi all, I have a simple question,

If the order is canceled and the payment is withdrawn, does the buyer receive the entire value of the gig or less about 20% charged by Fiverr?


Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

Everything, including the refund policy is explained in detail there.


Thanks, got it!

Just to be sure, so from 1.01.2019 Fiverr will returns service fees in case of order cancellation?

Part of Fiverr official Terms of Service for 1st Jan 2019,

I think you have enough information on ToS document.

Yes, thank you, just wanted to be sure.

If you see something on the ToS document, there’s no need any further confirmation. Everything is 100% accurate. :blush:

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Right, thanks you so much!