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What are the rules of fiverr?

Someone help me with the new rules of fiverr. I don’t understand how to communicate with clients. Give me some advice. Thanks in advance to all


Hi Muzammel

How are you. The buyers or clients reach out to you if you offer the gig they are looking for. Communication is the key when you are working at Fiverr. Communicate well, explain the scope of work and payment terms well.

Ofcourse, communicate with your clients who have liked your work. They might have some more work to be done and can become your returning buyer.

You can use the Buyer Request section to reach out to new buyers and prospect clients

Happy Day!

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What do you mean you don’t understand how to communicate with clients? Do you mean that you don’t know how to write to potential buyers? Or you don’t know how to reply to them when they are messaging you?

But to be honest if you are asking such questions you should read fiverr help page for sellers and watch their free course on fiverr learn on how to be a great seller.


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