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What are the secrets to being successful here?

What have you found sells gigs? How do you sell your first gig? Is fiverr saturated with sellers and way less buyers? How do I stand out?


Outstanding customer service is the biggest deal in my opinion. Always make sure every single buyer is 1000000% satisfied with their order, and they usually come back again and again. If that happens, they usually also share your gig with others, further bringing more sales. Especially if you encourage them by offering freebies in return.

As for first sale, that is always more tricky. Best bet would be to offer more than others, even if it’s a saturated gig type. So much that you don’t profit or it takes exceedingly long time to finish. But it’s only to get the first 20~ reviews, after which you can already start to reduce the amount of work you offer.

Promoting your gig elsewhere is also an excellent idea. A blog is the best, as it has unlimited room for showcasing your gigs. Then just purchase seo and traffic for that blog and promote it yourself where-ever you can, so it starts to grow in popularity.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I completely agree with @adsensewizard . Be Polite and Honest with your Clients. Give them more than you offer. Let them know they are very important for you. And you can easily grab 1-2 orders per day from Buyer Requests. It depends how you write your proposal. Do not do copy paste thong write a new proposal for every request.

Good luck for your future :slight_smile:

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Hello @brandie94 How to send a winning offers to buyer requests. I send 10 offers daily but i did not get anything :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless: …

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Well write a proper proposal according to your buyer’s need! Mostly sellers just make a General proposal and send that one to all the requests without even reading them. So thats a BIG loss!


Thank you for your suggestion…

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