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What are the secrets to selling your gigs every now and then? [RESOLVED]

For some weeks now, I haven’t made any reasonable sales. The order’s I receive are ridiculously low considering the amount of efforts I would have to put into completing it to my own satisfaction (I really do have high standards) not even minding the buyer’s satisfaction.

What are your advice to seller’s as myself, that will aid us in having more customer’s everyday?

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I think some of the time orders will be slow, but in the meantime you can try advertising your gigs on other social media platform, put up a video on your gigs explaining what you do and if you have not been doing this already use up your buyers request, every day. Best wishes.

Hey, Sofia; welcome to Fiverr. There are a lot of folks in the writing category active in the forum, so they might have better advice for you than I, but for what it’s worth I wrote a list of all the things I’ve learned on Fiverr since I started. Maybe it’ll help? You can read it here: I’ve heard that the writing category on Fiverr is cut-throat! Good luck getting established and finding your voice on Fiverr.

Thank you very much dearies. I really appreciate you all.