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What are the seller levels all about?

I am new to Fiverr and was wondering how many gigs I would have to sell to become a Level 1 Seller?

Also, how much do I have to earn to withdraw $$ from my Paypal account?

Thanks in advance.

Hi! I also had the same prob when I joined fiverr… But I checked that page… Now I’m aware of that… However the prob is, I’m fit for level 1 according to the requirements page… But yet I’ve not been upgraded… Can I know what would be the reasons for that? :slight_smile: Or are the admins consider some more factors? :):slight_smile: Thank you!

About your money question, I don’t think there is a minimum amount you need in order to withdraw.

Thank you all for your awesome responses and advice. I am really, really loving this website and am getting orders like crazy! It is getting addicting!! :slight_smile:

Easy to get addicted! It is fun and rewarding!

Reply to @lparziale: I agree! Sometimes I think it’s a video game but instead of points you get actual money! :slight_smile:

Reply to @magisworks: I agree. I actually use a business model that was created after my addiction to sim games. Figured if I can make a billion on Airport Tycoon - why not try that same “gamer” vision in my daily business. Thumbs up!!

thanks for this!