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What are the stats to your gigs?


I’ve always wondered what each of us considers Excellent stats for your gigs. For instance one of my gigs has 3.9k impressions, 84 clicks. 116 views and 15 orders.

I feel it’s just a matter of time if it keeps growing altho it nags me a bit the low conversion % that I’m having on my gig.

So what do you consider successful? what are your stats? it would be interesting to know and would allow me and others who might be interested in that topic a bit of nice information. Since no matter where I looked I didnt find anything on this topic.


What I find are the more orders you have the more ‘Excellent’ your stats are! that’s what it all matters by the end of the day isn’t it? To get as many orders are possible. Because If you have let’s say a few hundred clicks or views and zero orders… You are not going anywhere with your progress in selling things. So by the end of the day the more orders you have the better your ‘Stats’ are.
My opinion may differ but that’s what I think :slightly_smiling_face:


Yea from a client’s perspective it would have weight to have a Gig without orders right next to one with a lot of orders. Ultimately getting more orders is our objective, but aiming at increasing our exposure would generate an exponential growth in our order numbers. Right?


Yes, I agree :slightly_smiling_face: The more you expose yourself the more traffic you’re should bring in and potentially your orders should growth with it!