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What are the strategies to make the buyers rate your GIGs

Hello guys,
I will like to know if there are strategies to make the buyers rate my GIGs bought.

I have sold so many GIGs and even when the buyers loves the works and even buys extra, He/She never leave a comment whether good or bad. Aside telling them, how do I convince them?



You don’t. It is against the rules to “make buyers rate your gigs”. If they want to leave a review, the will. If they don’t they won’t. You don’t deserve any reviews… they are given voluntarily, if the buyer chooses to do so.

You’re going to have to learn to accept this, and be happy with or without reviews.


nice post and innovative thinking

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You can never tell your buyer to rate your order 5 stars. However, you can tell your buyer to give a honest feedback, It isn’t against the Fiverr ToS.

You can simply say “If you are satisfied with my work, you can post a honest feedback” etc etc in your own words.

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Thanks @jonbaas I know it’s against fiverr TOS to ask them to rate.
I guess I just have to accept that, like you said.

You can not ask for feedback. It’s against Fiverr TOS. You have to learn to accept this as this the rule here.

It is not against of TOS to ask for honest feedback of your work, you can ask him to rate your work and leave honest feedback but,
You can’t force client to leave 5 star ratting it is against the TOS,

If any one know that is against the TOS of Fiverr to Ask for honest feedback (I am not talking about to force client for 5 star ratting ) then please provide us a proof, so we should not ask for future from any client for Ratting or feedback,