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What are the sub-categories where Fiverr Pro is thriving?

I know a lot of regular Sellers find Fiverr Pro to be off-putting. Although, I can’t understand why because I don’t see Buyers swarming to order from Pro Sellers despite the push to make them center stage.

What am I missing? Are there enough big ticket orders in a sub-category that make it worthwhile for Pro Sellers and Fiverr?


The articles and blog posts sub cat is always busy for me - at least when I am not in OOO mode!

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Whiteboard animation keeps me super busy.

Larger scale projects but still.

So, I checked 7 of the Pro Sellers also active in your sub-category, who appear on page one of “Best Sellers” and only 2 orders between them.

What are you doing differently than them?

I just checked, you’re no busier than regular sellers in your sub-category and your pricing is also on par with theirs

Have you checked the pricing of the main (pro) “explainer video” gig against the pricing of most other (non-pro) explainer video gigs?

Pro gigs, if they are priced higher, don’t need to be as busy as non-pro gigs. And if they are as busy, they can earn a lot more if they are priced higher than non-pro gigs.

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Fiverr is only one part of my business, but social media seems to be where I get the most inquiries; email marketing just launched though and I did have an order there almost immediately upon approval :slight_smile:

Pro gigs, if they are priced higher, don’t need to be as busy as non-pro gigs.

Yes, that entered into my assessment. There are very, very few orders for big ticket offerings among the growing number of Fiverr Pro Sellers. At least not enough to substantiate alienating the talent pool that grew them to the point they are now.

I just don’t see enough Buyers willing to risk a 4 or 5 digit budget with vendors that are vetted by a company with a credibility problem. If I find it incredible that a company of Fiverr’s size could have the resources to “intensely vet” sellers internationally, when even governments and conglomerates can’t, then I’m sure Buyers do too.

Would you like an exclusive peek behind the scenes and see a screenshot of what I earned this August?

I sold 3 Pro videos on August alone, I am not going to disclose the amount here or drop names. ( I am bound by NDA)

Are you here policing Pro sellers and passing judgement for a particular reason I am somehow missing?
Not sure I appreciate your comment. Not offended by it, but it certainly didn’t make much sense?!?

Because 2 weeks ago, when I was on a video call with 3 members of Fiverr staff, where they said I was one of a handful of Pro sellers who is making this sort of progress and revenue, it kind of looked like Fiverr was pleased with their ROI.


Fiverr must have the relevant figures. They may (and probably are) also be doing split testing to test different positioning for different types of gigs (eg. Pro and non-pro) with different users to see what they think works best/gives the highest profits.