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What are the things offered by fiverr app?

Is android app support everything like desktop website?

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One thing offered is a notification sound whenever you get an order or message which is mostly what I use it for.

If someone leaves you a 5 star review on the app it only gives you 4.7 stars sometimes.
It has happened two days in a row for me so that is another thing it does. So in that way it is not like the desktop.


I use the app for notifications. Just like @misscrystal

It’s great to respond to inquiries fast and also provides us with many useful features.

You can still access the Fiverr Desktop version on mobile though.


The ability to read feedback without the ability to read the seller’s response to any negative feedback.

Nifty feature. It stops a seller having a right of reply on a mobile device.

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Some of my clients can’t even leave feedback through the mobile app now. Nothing shows up.


That seems preferable to getting 4.7 stars instead of 5.

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