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What are the top grossing items?


I recently became a member of fiverr and I would like to know the categories which are top grossing so that I will be getting sales any time sooner. I’m still waiting to get my first sale. Any suggestions pros? :))


fiverr gives you the chance to do what you love to do, and get paid for it. Don’t focus on the money, focus on the lifestyle, and then find the buyers who will pay for what you do. Livin la vida fiverr!


First of all …Welcome to Fiverr.

Don’t concentrate on sales at first , We can’t say which category is the best.If you have a unique idea that top first.

Try to impress buyers as much as possible.


Hi! and Welcome!

I took a look at your gigs- and you my friend, are going to have to look for your customers and promote your gigs to them. I would suggest finding statistics study groups, or blogs and participate in some conversations and mention that you are on fiver with $5 help for them. Careful not to spam them tho. Let them ask YOU for your link. There are millions (billions?) of people online looking for many different things- Statistical help MUST be one of those “things” I would suggest hiring a Virtual assistant on fiver and ask them to look for groups discussing your area of expertise- get the list and "chime in’! Good luck man-


Thanks for the suggestions everyone. :slight_smile: