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What are the top most demanding gigs?


What are the most demanding gigs you think ?

Most known and necessary Gigs on Fiverr

You’re going to have to figure that out for yourself.

Find services that YOU have skills in, not the “most demanding gigs”. Don’t try to find gig categories that are profitable just because you think you can make as much money as possible. Sell what you know. Do what you have the skills to do.

Fiverr is a place where you offer YOUR skills. It is not a website where you can get rich quick doing anything. Quality wins. If you can’t offer quality, you should not be offering that particular service.


1.Video Creation – Editing –Video Testimonials
2. Voiceover Artist
3. Website Tester
4. Social Media Promotion
5. WordPress error fixing


Do you have stats or you’re guessing?
I would expect to see logo design and blog writing gigs at the top :slight_smile:


Is this thread about the most “demanding” gigs (eg. most difficult/gigs which require the most work to be done to complete them) or the most “in-demand” gigs (most people requesting them)? Surely the most demanding would be the ones the user would find the most difficult/time consuming.


Only OP knows, but considering this is not the first time new sellers ask about “in demand” or “popular” gigs I went with that :slight_smile:

Considering it’s an old Q and OP doesn’t sell anything I think it’s irrelevant by now :slight_smile: