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What are the TORs of to successfully run business

What are the TORs of to successfully run business

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You must mean the TOS. That stands for terms of service, which are the rules you need to follow on the site.


thanks for your prompt response


You actually already signed TOS when you were registering on fiver. TOS are terms of service and to be able to work here you already agreed and ticked the box that you read them. So did you read them when fiverr piped up that window for you or just scrolled it?

If not then you can find a link at the bottom of every fiverr page


Thank you very much. I just posted as it was my class activity only

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What do you mean by “class activity”?


Several people have been asking this same question recently!


That is what you have to go through yourself and follow them, voilation of which can block your account


Do you mean that there’s a class you’re attending, and that they told you to show up on the forum and ask about Fiverr’s Terms of Service?


I was teaching students how to get most of the Fiverr by using forum/community section of website.

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All of them asking the same question just makes them look like they’re unable to read and understand so they’re cluttering the forum and making it less useful for the people who actually need it (and that’s putting it politely), and if someone’s teaching them to act that way, it doesn’t speak well of the teacher, either.


Well then I hope you are not teaching them that it will bring them sales by posting on fiverr forum.

And actually it’s quite rude to post this “dummy” topics when you don’t expect any answers as other people spending their time to try to help other sellers who is in real need and you are just making us waste our time.


And you didn’t know what the TOS was? The blind leading the blind.


Perhaps he should find someone else to teach his students…


This is hysterical. …

The first thing you should know about fiverr if nothing else is the TOS.

Why teach them to use the forum when you don’t know what the TOS is? They do not need the forum. They need the TOS.

I never once came to the forum until I became a top rated seller.


@nadeemdahar In addition to what other forum users have already mentioned in this thread, the forum’s rules clearly state:

Taken from:

So, before creating a new forum topic, forum users (including your students) should check if their question has already been answered in another thread.

If there is another thread that already answers their question, they should read that thread instead of creating a new topic on the forum. If they still go ahead and create a new forum topic, they are violating the forum’s rules and their post will be removed from the forum.


Just once I would love to see someone new come to the forum to ask for explanations of what is on the Terms of Service but that will never happen. Why? They don’t read them.


Yes there are classes, more like seminar for this, They advertise all over the fb, News Papers, also in TV. i think giving false information. They make an illusion that fiverr is money making machine, they take money from these people and give lot of crap information how to earn. But they hide most valuable thing in fiverr, that is skills they never say seller need that. So lot of people come here join here and make useless gig some steals from others, some steal from internet and make gigs with false information. Those people makes lot of money from teaching, they don’t care about fiverr.


Pretty much what I thought about those classes, to be honest.

I suppose there might be exceptions, but they would know better than to tell their students to create nonsense topics and break the forum rules.

EDIT: How can someone with no sales teach anyone