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What are the trending gig on fiverr

For some days now we have been wondering why people don’t post trending gig on fiverr, Is it because we don’t want people to know about it and be selling it or we don’t know anything about trending gig on fiverr.
I want to ask which new service we had on Fiverr for this year 2021…
Anybody that knows it should please lets shares it with people


Of course I also want to know this.

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Check this out: For information │ Number of services available in most competitive categories │Top countries and share


Top Trending Gigs?

  • How To Increase Clicks/Impressions
  • Clog Dancing For Beginners
  • How To Bake Foods Without An Oven
  • Teach Yourself Acupuncture
  • Reselling Anything
  • How To Jump Through Hoops For A Buyer
  • Reading Someone’s Mind In 1,675 Easy Steps

I hope this helps.

My list will be about as useful as any answer you get here.

In my opinion trending Gigs are not the answer as anything trending will not be without a huge amount of competition.

I would focus on niches not trending as that means far less competition and a more likely chance of getting noticed.

Hence my list of “unusual” non-trending Gig ideas.

Good luck.


I like this line "

trending Gigs are not the answer as anything trending will not be without a huge amount of competition.

Well said


Well making a gig in a trending category probably won’t get you any orders!

For example, there’s over 100,000 logo design gigs, so the chances of you getting an order in that category is pretty slim.

So it’s better to make a gig in a category that’s not as trending or doesn’t have as many sellers.

Then again, you need to make a gig that relates to something that you are actually talented at doing.

Like @looseink said, clog dancing is a category with really low competition, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should go and make a gig in that category (unless you’re actually good at clog dancing). I hope this helps!


Just because there are >100,000 logo design gigs it doesn’t necessarily mean your chances are slim there if there are enough people buying in that subcategory/enough orders being made and if they buy from new sellers/gigs and not just normally the ones with many existing reviews, and if the seller is good enough at that. Though I think you’re right that there are better, less competitive categories that could be chosen.

You can tell the new subcategories that have been created by putting the mouse over a category at the top of a page on the main Fiverr site (though it may not show only those from 2021 onwards). eg. Ad Copy is a new subcategory in Writing & Translation.

Also in the past Fiverr has given info on the most popular subcategories but they haven’t done it very recently as far as I know, though logo design is probably one of the top still.


Nice i like this! i see agene and agene

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My favourite, I love to purchase this by using those lovely monthly subscriptions they just added to make sure I subscribe to more things I’ll definitely use.


I thought “Teach Yourself Acupuncture” was the best one, but I guess my sense of humour doesn’t translate as well as I thought it did on Fiverr…lol


That was my favourite one!

Anyway, @temmy_jones I think the most trending gigs are the ones you are skilled at.


Yes, I agree with loosink.

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Well said! I like this line!


You don’t need fiverr stats for current trends - just use any third-party keyword analyzers, like Google Trends :star_struck:


I agree with you, I also think that skilled people are always welcomed to their respected workspace.

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