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What are the ways Fiverr helps new sellers?


I’m new to Fiverr and looking forward to doing good work here.

What are the ways that Fiverr helps promote new gigs?

  1. We know that once a new gig is setup it shows up in the “New” category for a certain period.
  2. There are the “Buyer Requests” but I have yet to see some good requests there.

    But other than these what else? If my gig is not going to show up on the first page of a search how will buyers know about it?

That is where YOU come in - Fiverr is not obliged to put new Gigs front and center on the home page or in the categories you have Gigs in. You have to make your Gig unique, easily understood, and something that the consumer will want. A video also helps. After that, it is up to you to advertise yourself - on your blog, FB, Twitter etc. New Gigs are put up daily, it would be impossible to give them all front page exposure. This is why Fiverr only takes 20% - they expect you to carry some of the burden of finding clients.



When there are so many gigs in the category, it’s difficult to make a gig so unique that it will hit the front page of searches in Fiverr considering there are thousands of hits.

The problem is that in the search it does not matter whether you have a video, your photos, good description or not.

If I have to find buyers then it kind of beats the purpose of using Fiverr. The 20% that Fiverr charges should be including some promotion of one’s gig. If one needs to promote things on their own they can do it anyways without using Fiverr. The domain and hosting is cheap and one can already use PayPal for payments.