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What are the weirdest buyer requests that you’ve seen?

Hi! I hope you’re all having an amazing day!

So the other day, I was checking out some buyer requests and I saw a few REALLY WEIRD ones! I thought it would be fun for everyone to share some of the weirdest or funniest buyer requests that you’ve seen!

Here are a few weird ones that I saw:

  1. I need somebody to turn me into a vampire. It needs to work and be a vampire transformation spell.

  2. I need somebody to clean my dryer and my washer. You can use any cleaning products that you would like such as Clorox, Scrub Daddy, etc. I also need you to clean the corners in my house and get rid of the cobwebs.


It was probably a translation issue, but " I safely need a good hug" was a pretty funny one I saw yesterday.


500 words of project details worth 200-500$ and there the budget 5$, i don’t know if it’s funny to anyone else,

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